About Us

Archway kebab machines provide the simple, fast and economical way to cook doner kebab shawarma and giros kebab. Its simple operation makes archway kebab machines ideal for snack bars, fast food; take away, fish and chips restaurants. 

Archway kebab machines made by hand from the finest materials, it ensures a high capacity, at low operating cost. The archway kebab grills is attractively designed, safe and easy to keep clean it offers customers the highest quality in hygiene. 

The archway charcoal grill provide the simple fast and economical way to stimulate charcoal cooking. Ideal for kebabs, steaks, hamburgers, chops, chicken and fish, making it suitable for all snack bars, fast food and fish and chips restaurants, and Archway kebab grills made in the United Kingdom from the finest quality materials, incorporating stainless steel inner and outer panels. 
The Archway charcoal grill is available as two or three burner model, fitted with cast iron burner, each burners is individually controlled by a pilot ignition and flame failure device. All Archway charcoal grills incorporate a unique three position lifting gear for extra cooking. 

Archway gas griddle is manufactured to the highest possible standard. Archway gas griddles made from stainless steel, with a machine steel plate -cooking surface, the archway gas griddles for stakes, burgers, eggs and bacon. Archway griddle is easy to clean and practical to use and very economical to run. Archway gas griddles is ideal for snack bars, fast food and fish and chip restaurants.